About Me

My name is Joline and I am a 22-year-old girl from Sweden. My biggest passion in life is to travel and to see new places and meet new cultures. That is why I created this website so that I can share all my adventures with you.
So far I have not visited all the countries or not even all continents, not even by far. But. I WILL visit at least half of all the countries in the world before I die, so this is a working progress and will not be complete until long.
I hope you will follow my journey and find it interesting!

As you can see above I have different categories depending on which continent you are interested to read more about - and keep in mind - some of them will be empty for now.

I am cooperating with a company named Travelista club so my articles that I write will mostly be posted on their website but on my different categories you will find summaries and a link to the different articles so that you can read the full ones!

I hope you will enjoy and hopefully get inspired!

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